Individual therapy is offered by Feel Better Therapy

Individual therapy is a process in which the client attends sessions by themselves in order to get their particular mental health needs addressed. Depending on the therapist's style, as well as clients' needs and situation, various approaches and techniques may be used.

Couples therapy helps couples resolve past and current conflicts and resentments.

Couples therapy is a process. Couples learn to communicate better; learn how to resolve past and current conflicts and resentments; and deepen their connection. Differences in perspective are discussed and healthy solutions surface and are implemented in their lives.

Family counseling for residents of the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Family therapy involves family members in a process of communication and problem-solving. Rather than singling out one family member as the person with a problem, in family therapy I look at how the entire family system can contribute to the overall smooth functioning of each family member.


Strengths-Perspective Therapy is a technique that empowers individuals by unveiling their natural strengths and capabilities, and helps them identify support systems. Through a strengths-based approach, you focus on successes and build on those strengths rather than dwell on your problems or limitations.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helps you connect how your thoughts and beliefs influence your mood and actions. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy you identify and change distorted or unhelpful thought patterns, learn how to relate to people in more positive ways, and learn how to change associated behaviors.


Family therapy engages the entire family system in problem solving and contributing to the overall smooth functioning of each family member. Vital to the success of managing illness, family therapy addresses the needs of family members, while building communication skills and solving problems as a family.

Take Charge of
Your Life by Addressing:

  • Low mood or depression that negatively affects daily functioning
  • Anxiety that causes fear or apprehension and limits lifestyle
  • Low self-esteem or negative thinking patterns
  • Anger management, communication struggles, unresolved conflict
  • Past trauma or abuse
  • Oppositional behavior

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