Insurance & Private Pay


Feel Better Therapy accepts cash, checks, credit cards, HSA cards, and is in-network with the following insurance companies:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • PreferredOne
  • UCare
Because I cannot predict exactly what would be covered by your individual plan, you may contact your insurance company directly to verify your exact benefits or to answer any questions you might have about your mental health coverage.

Private Pay

There are some benefits to paying for mental health therapy services out of pocket that many people are not aware of. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You are not required to be diagnosed with a mental health condition since insurance isn’t reimbursing for services.
  • Insurance companies are not able to dictate what is worked on in therapy and the duration of treatment. Together, you and I can determine when your therapeutic goals have been met.
  • Insurance companies do not have access to your file because they are not reimbursing me for your treatment.

Super Bill

If I am out-of-network with your insurance company, we still have an option for potential reimbursement! I can provide a “super bill” for you upon request for you to submit to your insurance company for the potential reimbursement. Feel free to ask me more about this option. Current clients find that it’s a rather easy process.


If you have insurance but elect to pay for therapy out of pocket, I will have you sign an “Opt Out” form, indicating you are choosing to forgo the use of your insurance for our therapy process.