Mental Health Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low Confidence

Margaret Stearns MSW, LICSW

A Trusted, Experienced Mental Health Therapist

Minnesota Mental Health Therapy provider, Margaret Stearns
Feeling sad, anxious, or stressed.

Do you often feel sad, anxious, or stressed?

Are experiences from your past negatively affecting your daily life, perhaps causing you to worry, feel guilty, or not trust others? Maybe you don’t feel confident in your role at your job, or in your personal relationships? Life can be hard at times, but it can feel even harder when you get in your own way with self-doubt, negative thinking patterns, or a lack of self-care and personal boundaries. If you can relate to any of these things, I can help you!

After Working With Me, You Will Be Able To

Mental health therapy helps you Identify negative thought patterns and correct common thinking errors

Treatment Modalities Match Your Needs


Strengths-Perspective Therapy is a technique that empowers you by unveiling your natural strengths and capabilities. Through a strengths-based approach, you learn to identify the support systems you need. You focus on successes and build on those strengths rather than dwell on the problems or limitations.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helps you connect how your thoughts and beliefs influence your mood and actions. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy you identify and change distorted or unhelpful thought patterns, learn how to relate to people in more positive ways, and learn how to change associated behaviors.


Life Coaching helps you attain your desired personal and professional goals through self-discovery, accountability, and action. A certified professional life coach utilizes a unique set of techniques in which there are no diagnoses or mental health symptoms being treated. You, as the client, identify your desired goals.